Strategic Listing Specialist

What would happen in your business if you were strategic with your listing presentation?

2-Day course
Cost: $229.00

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Hi, my name is Jo Mangum and I’ve had the unique experience of having seen 103 different listing presentations as well as giving hundreds of presentations myself. Some of the agents giving me these presentations were the best in the world… others frankly, weren’t so good. BUT that gave me the opportunity to find the common denominators of the best ones and create a program that will allow others to learn the secrets. I call this program the Strategic Listing Specialist because it is strategic, simple, and systemized so that anyone can implement it with ease and become a master at listing.

Here’s the 5 benefits of Strategic Listing Specialist:

  • Create an understanding of how to distinguish yourself from the competition and stop competing on commission
  • Find out the step-by-step guide on giving an influential listing presentation
  • Discover the exact words to say when a seller asks tough questions
  • Identify the sellers mindset and how to “flex” to meet their needs
  • Complete every listing consultation with confidence

Strategic Listing Specialist Outline

Section 1 – Understanding the Mind of the Seller

In this section we will discover…

  • How people chose their service providers
  • What emotions the seller needs to feel to hire you
  • The psychological principles that rule the sellers decision-making process
  • The 4 communication styles of a seller and how to “flex” to their style

Section 2 – The Structure of a Great Listing Presentation

In this section we will discover…

  • The 13 steps in a great listing presentation
  • How to make sure a seller does not chose their agent based on the agent’s price opinion of their house
  • How to focus the seller on the value of your services NOT just the commission or listing price
  • Clearing identify the motivation of the seller
  • When to walk away

Section 3 – Your 6 Job Responsibilities

In this section we will discover…

  • Competing on marketing alone undermines our value
  • Each job responsibility and exactly how to present it to the seller
  • What physical presentation you need to influence the seller

2-Day course
Cost: $229.00

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